Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum rental?

1 day up to 5 years

What are the payment options?

Credit card and/or bank transfer for approved accounts

What breakdown service is available?

24/7 via 1800 010 032

Do you include insurance?

No, but hopefully in the future

Why do I need a trailer in control?

To cover the trailer for damages while in your possession

Do you charge weekends?

For short term rentals yes – Long term rentals are quoted based on M-F usage only

Do I need an account?

For a credit account Yes, we also require a COD account for all cash customers so we can set up your credentials in our system for invoicing

Do you charge up front?

All COD rentals are charged in advance by a min of 2 weeks

Do you accept cash or cheque?

No, we process all our payments via eftpos and or a trade account

Do I need a bond?

No, having payment in advance & a trailer in control gives both parties a clear position

What is your availability?

Our fleet is distributed across Australia and constantly on the move – Best call 1800 010 032 to discuss your needs

Can I book in advance?

Yes, availability will be subject to what is available at the time due – unless confirmed prior

Can ATR deliver trailers

Generally no unless arranged prior with a delivery fee being accepted by the customer

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